Saturday, January 08, 2011

The break down

So it's already 2011, in a week time I'll be having my vacation. Now I bet most of you had your gadgets or other things that breaks down, knowing that it is not a real issue. People always share their wonderful or horrid memories from 2010, so here are my horrid memories.

My 250GB external hard disk broke down for no reason, I have 160GB worth of photos and videos and to make things worst the repair is going to be a huge sum and I cannot afford it. Which is why there is halt in my Aussie trip postings.

My dearest DSLR, which had been a loyal companion of mine. Sometimes you got to love it and hate it, it broke twice and make it trice for this time. The auto focus on the lens failed, it would cost around RM300++ to get it repair and I can get a new one around 400++.(The damn wonders of technology) Such a good way to start my year, I guest it is time to get a new cam and try to save up to repair the hard disk.

So how was your year?


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