Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Seemingly harmless

I have this bottle of almond syrup in my office, they usually call it "heng ngi ngo" in the kopitiam. Who would ever thought that a bottle of seemingly harmless almond syrup may contain a word that seems inappropriate word, no right?


Look closely at the ingredient, I almost went ROFL in the office. I look it up on the net, it is actually a word for an ingredient but still it really sounded so wrong.


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Blogger Agenor de Miranda Seixas Buarque said...

Hey man hi from brazil (: sorry for my bad english :\ its a drink alchoolic ? Oh man i love whisky (: and beer With you have a chance Drink Heineken our Quilmes our Bohemia you go like. So Bye brother o/

1:48 PM  

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