Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The best sales person ever

I have encounter something that is rather amusing, ever since I have received my first credit card. Desperate time calls for desperate measure, people are selling out personal information these freaking annoying scam syndicate bastards. I received a call recently from this lady, saying out my Chinese name and telling me they are going to send a free air ticket and some sort of membership. How on earth did I get a ticket without participating in any stupid contest? nice try.

However today I received another call, it was another one of this scam thing. It was a guy speaking in Malay, he was asking whether I would like to get some membership or credit card. I cannot really remember because I did not pay complete attention to that bastard, I tried telling him off because I have a heavy commitment which is the truth. Half of my salary is used to pay the dues, which leaves me very little to use. Anyway back to the point. the asshole called again. I tried using the bad reception trick to get rid of him, guess what did he do?


My colleagues thought that I was insulted his sms, but no I find it the most hilarious encounter I have ever had. You want someone buy your product, but the customer rejects you and you go say something to the customer? Wow, Where did he go to school? who is the one that taught him this pathetic skills? I also want to learn.

Dear Nincompoop, If you ever wanted to seal deal. Don't ever lose your temper and don't ever say something like that to your potential or non potential clients. If you are trying to tell me that you are miserable with that job and desperate to get a sale , that is not the way. Because I myself is in the sales & marketing, I can tell you in any desperate situtation, I will never ever say such things to the clients directly. No wonder you are such a bad sales person and besides that is why you suck, even if I tell you that I am not interested in what ever you are trying to sell to me, would you stop? I don't think so right? so why don't you go take a vacation to "Uranus".

Anyway here is the imbeciles number +60162130852, feel free to call him if you want to get some interesting products or probably get an insult from him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always receive this kind of calls cos I hold most of the bank credit card.

This is what I do to them. If they call me and they are not from bank, my first question is "Where did u get my phone no"

If they ask me why I wanted to know, my answer is "I want to complain to BNM cos the bank leak out my personal information which is against BAFIA (Banking And Finance Institution Act)"

After that they will talk nicely to you and that is the time you make your decision.

"Know your enemy" - The Art Of War, Sun Tzu


10:06 AM  
Blogger My @ddictions said...

Hi Darren, I encounter this kinda person also about a year ago.
He also sms me saying me "'paloi' such a good thing you don wan"
I still got his number 0162130974.
such a pathetic malay guy!

11:16 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

Starliner: "know your enemy" ahah I like that, you know what? next time I will not be that polite, I will scream at them, until their ear drums explode LOL.

My @addiction: you did? I guest this neanderthal idiots just wont stop eh?

10:38 PM  
Anonymous NEC said...

Over here in California, all I have to say is I have no money and I am bankrupt and they quickly hung up.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous xes said...

tee hee hee, mangkuk!! cawan!! piring!!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

nec: LOL, not here, those bastards are persistant

Xes: garpu, sudu, pingan hahaha

8:16 AM  

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