Friday, December 12, 2008

Cannot afford to buy car? no problem

Cannot afford to buy car? no problem at all. Here in Bolehland almost everything is possible, if not we would not call it that name for no reason. Repaying the car loan for 9 years is considered bloody long, but that it would enable a lot of people who cannot afford a car to get one. It is helping in a way but it is killing the value of the car, no thanks to someone that we have to pay so much for quality cars.

One of the newspaper ad that caught my attention, I could not believe it myself and you have to see for yourself.


What you see is what you get, it is not a bluff and it is really the first time you have seen something like that. Never in my life I have seen such an offer, 12 years for car loan repayment. It is indeed a classic "WTF" moment, I want to say it again"WTF WTF WTF WTF" as if 9 years is not enough? and now you have 12 years? now let us see, a Bestari cost around 70k. a 12 years repayment period would be around around RM600 plus with inerest, and the bank earns about 20k of your interest and the figures I calculated are not accurate so please do not use that as your reference. Wow~ such a wonderful promotion, so who wants to buy a naza bestari and pay for 12 years. Definitely not me, no way Jose!

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Blogger Jason Law said...

They have their ways to gain profits...

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