Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April fool!

It is the day of the pranksters and tricksters, during this time of the year a lot of people got prank or should I say punked. When I was still in high school, I used to prank people a lot. Most of them fell for it, I was having the last laugh myself. I remember me and classmate, we came up with an idea to spike our friends drink. Everyday this friend of mine, known as SK will always bring a bottle of weird concoction drink. My friend JM came up with a special mix powder, we secretly added it to his drink while he was away.
When he return, he open and drank it. He did not even know that it was spike with some special mix powder, he thought the drink went rancid or something. I just hope that he did not end up in the toilet for hours, until today he never know who did it. But SK is really gullible, even when it is not April fool he still fall for our pranks and tricks. Such a funny fellow, happy pranking out there guys, I have stop the pranking for a long long time already or maybe not.

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