Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's funky and swinging

Now and days, music is getting very very different or weird. I would honestly say, I still prefer music that was back in the year 1998 to somewhere around 2004. Then after that it is all completely different, it is either good or a complete donkey fart sound.

I am quite sick of the mainstream music that almost everyone listens to, except for club music like the ministry of sound 2008 annual album. It was something totally different and fantastic, that is something worthy to listen to.


So I was looking for new Cds to listen to at the local Cd Shop, I found two disc randomly. One is The new testament of funk and another is The Manhattan Transfer. The new testament of funk is an Acid Jazz compilation album, call me sakai if you want because I have never actually listen to Acid Jazz. Pop it right in the player, I was actually grooving to the songs. The songs make you feel like you are in the era of shiny disco ball, big sunnies, afro hairdo and looking like Starsky and Hutch.


The Manhattan Transfer, I have never heard of them in my entire life. Not until I saw the design of the Cd cover that caught my attention. Their music genre is swing, a very popular style of music back in the old days and present day. Once the music is played, it makes me want to do the twist. The music gives you the feeling of the good old times, you feel like you are those guys from the time of Frank Sinatra's or Mafias like Al Capone.

I guess I was fortunate, to randomly pick two Cds which turns to be something good. If you have never listen to Acid Jazz and Swing, you should try it and it will be a lovely musical experience for you.

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