Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grilled prawns

Since my folks are not around, I decided to cook dinner tonight. Thank God I have recovered partially from the blasted cold, otherwise I would not even bother making dinner. I had some left over tiger prawns in the fridge, I decided to try something new for me. Grilled prawns with cheese, I have never cooked this before and so here it goes.


First you need four tiger prawns, the bigger the better. garlic, onions, black pepper, salt, parsley herbs and other herbs that compliments seafood, butter and cheese of course. First cut the back of the prawns to split them, then season it. Then place it on pan with low heat, then when it's cooked already place the cheese on it and wait for it melt.


Voila! here is the results


What do I actually think of it? I think there are a lot of rooms for improvement. I have forgotten to cook the onions and garlic, I have also forgotten that I should sear the prawns first. Then I should not have added the garlic and onions, it has over powered the natural sweet taste of the prawns. The cheese did not turn out how I wanted it to be. I guess I have not cook for quite sometime already, so I shall do a little research and I will let you guys know for the new improved recipe. In the meantime do not try this recipe yet, it was a disaster for me but if you do want to try by all means I shall not be held responsible for any Diarrhea that occurred or better yet get yourself some charcoal pills.


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