Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hot Chocolate

Would you guys like to have some hot chocolate? I am not referring to the typical hot chocolate you have everyday, it's a special chocolate. It is actually chili milk chocolate, I bet some of must be thinking why on earth would you use chili to make chocolate right? You probably have heard of chili vodka, chili martini, but chili chocolate? If I am not mistaken that I have seen it before on travel and discovery, they actually did made some chili chocolates in Mexico.



It actually seems so weird, usually chocolate has always been complemented with nuts, Turkish delight, caramel, and others. Therefore I took one to see how does it taste like, the spiciness does not kick in straight away like the usual chili we eat. Instead it comes by slowly, heating it up in your mouth. The scoville scale of the chocolate is bearable, unlike eating chili padi where the scoville scale is pretty high. I do recommend you guys to try it out, something really different and new indeed. Best consume when you are craving for something spicy and sweet, also when in a cold environment.

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Blogger ~Bee Nee~ said...

ooo... interesting. something i wouldn't mind trying.

6:43 AM  

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