Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fast food chain management sucks

Dear Pizza hut, I know that if i were to file a complain at the Miri branch will be completely pointless since your staff would throw away the letter or turn on the ignore mode. I also could not be bothered to write to you guys at your head quarters, knowing you guys would be too fucked up or what ever is going on with you guys that my complain will be treated like any other minor complains. My complains maybe a tiny problem, but you fucking assholes are taking things for granted.
You see, when i visited you fucked up branch in Miri to try out the cheesy dip pizza. Not only was me and my friend treated badly, your staffs are all inefficient, lack of knowledge, courtesy, unprofessional, and there are just to many words to describe the morons you guys hired. Your pathetic idiotic jackass workers are not very keen to work, they do not attend to the customers the way the are suppose to. As if this is not bad enough, your dumb cunt minions are always miserable, don't you guys ever teach them how to smile? they act like we are a bunch jerks who are here to torment them. If your stupid numb skulls served the customers properly with efficiency, I can guarantee you that customers will be walking happily and we do not even get the "thank you" anymore. what the fuck are you guys on? are you guys tripping? or your morons had a bad sex? ran out of happy drugs?
Next, I wish I was as rich as the tycoon Robert kwok. So that I can use the money to sue the shit out of you guys and I can even use the money to bury you assholes alive or give you the smack of your life. How could you guys say that you guys don't have the cheese dip, while you advertise on national TV? Do we look like the little kids who get conned by the lame TV adverts? You guys have violated one of the biggest DON'TS in the industry, you are so lucky that we are in Bolehland and we could not be bother to sue you for that. Just mark my words that you will not be so fortunate next time, as I pray that shit will continue to strike on you guys and you get the smite of vengeance.
Just as I thought that things would get better, I stand corrected. You guys are still a fucking lame joke. Your morons told us to wait for the soup, we waited like stupid idiots for the soup. At the end your supervisor came and told us you ran out of soup, that is one of the most fucking lame excuse i have ever heard. How can you ran out of soup? how long have you been in the industry? you can never run out of soup, where the fucking hell is the supplies? Your idiotic stupid cunts should have tell us in the first place and instead of making us looking like the royal fool. So what are you going to do about it? nothing! just like always. I am going to boycott you in every way I can and I am letting everyone know that you guys are pathetic stupid glutton fucking rip off artist who makes people pay for what they do not get. I shall patronize more of Fratini's instead, and lastly i wanted to say is


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fucken hell

you didnt get any soup and now you wanna plan a terroist attack or something>>>

what the fuck, man>>>

10:59 AM  
Blogger BaBy JeE said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I SO FUGGING AGREE!! my mom was just saying she wanted to make complains about them a few days ago. and I'm seeing it in your blog. well sarcastically said!!

6:50 PM  
Blogger Kimberley said...

bwahahaha!! fantastic. i like seeing others getting pissed over pizza hut miri cos it makes me feel less alone. lol.

ah well, who HASN'T gotten pissed at them anyway? our branch here is horrible but what's worse is that they've still got a steady stream of customers coming in and out of that place anyway.

that place is total bullshit lar. they're always running out of this and that.. and once when they ran out of something i ordered, they replaced it with something else WITHOUT my prior consent. SO WTF WTF WTF. I got SO pissed and told them off.

Bloooooody idiotic.

But I still go there from time to time. URGH!! I should be boycotting them and so should everyone else! lol.

The other day, I was making fun about how at the top of their screens on their cashiers is the message, "Greet customers with a SMILE" And it was flashing, making sure they remember but that's total bullshit lah. The girl who was serving us was SO unfriendly.

I couldn't help but laugh though.

OK OK. Enough from this stranger. Byes. :P

10:45 AM  
Blogger Cuukie said...

OMG! I too have been an unfortunate victim of horrendous customer service by Pizza Hut. THEY TOLD ME THEY RAN OUT OF SOUP AS WELL!! My experience took place in the Melaka branch though. Boycott Pizza Hut!!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

anonymous: obviously i am not planning any attacks, and if u are just going let them continue to provide bad services or you like to be mistreated then be my guest.

Baby Jee: yeahhh because they sucked!!

kimberly: i totally agree with you, that place is a complete bullshit

cuukie: yeahhh let's get more to join us hehe

1:12 PM  
Blogger Carmen WenWeN said...

yeah.i am not alone too! i hate their stupid service. and they r sucks n jes slow in actions!!

9:09 PM  

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