Saturday, November 17, 2007

Borneo Xmas Bash 2007

Be ready for the ultimate Christmas party of the year, ravers, party lovers, shufflers, hard beat lovers. Cabell Enterprise is proud to present Borneo Xmas Bash 2007. It is about time Miri should utilize the facilities that has never been use for a rave, I am excited and cannot wait until Christmas eve.

The line ups for the night is Frequency K(Miri), Cbell j(Miri) and X-statik(Melbourne), with three spanking good DJs this has got to be the party not to be miss. The appetizer of the night is by Frequency K(kian), he is going sooth your crave for funky tunes as the opening for the rave.

Our Entree of the night is Cbell j, inspired by the hard pumping dark euphoric tune. He will fulfill your desire for hard vibes, with his distinctive mixing styles and tricks. Last but not least, the one everyone has been anticipating for.

The main course for the night is DJ X-statik, all the from down under Melbourne Australia. This renown DJ is the resident DJ for Melbourne's top 3 hard dance club like PHD, Bubble, and 3D. This is definitely something to look forward to.

Tell your friends about, support our local event. A reminder to all shufflers, remember to wear phats for that night. Big Rave *WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!*

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