Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bad telephone manners

There are so many ways of answering the phone with the proper manner or what so ever, i encoutered a few people with really bad phone manners. When we call someone we talk politely but it happen that these assholes are real idiots i would say, here is what happen. I received a missed call from an anonyomous number, i called back.

me: hello, may i know who is this?

anonymous girl: WHO ARE U AH?(in Mandrin)

me: well i received a call from this no, so i'm wondering who's this(in mandrin)

anonymous girl: WHY U CALLED HAH!!!? U LOOK FOR WHO HAH!!?


anonymous girl: ok ok veli soli wrong no

What the fuck man! you simply call people and you're trying to be rude? that is one of my reasons that i do not like unknown numbers missed calls. Second encounter with a person with seriously deffected hearing problem and who obviously can't understand english well.

me: hello?

unknown: hello is this xxxxx travel agency?

me: no, this is residential area.

unknown: but isn't this no 42xxxx

me: yes, but it is the wrong no, i think the travel agency you're looking for is at Dynasty hotel

unknown: but they gave me this no,

me:(very very annoyed) look i told you got the wrong no ok? u call the hotel and ask for the no. *slams the phone*

If i wasn't sleeping and if that bugger did not call at the wrong i wouldn't be pissed off, the bugger called again for a few times and i did not bother to pick the phone up. That's why i prefer calls to my handphone so that i can see the number and whether to pick it up or not, or better yet i should get a caller ID phone if i can.


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