Friday, September 14, 2007


You may have seen it at Kenny sia or Xia Xue and at Cheesie's blog, the brand new potatoe chips from twisties is finally here in Miri. Isn't it sad that everything that comes to Miri is always behind the schedule, lucky for you guys who gets things at first hand.

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Now i am not going to take a picture of me eating chipster and put it on their side, and twisties did not ask me to do an endorsement of their latest product. I'm writing about it because i saw it everywhere online, it made me curious that is it actually that good.

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I decided to go grab a packet to satisfy my curious taste bud, i got the sour cream flavour. After a few crunches what do i have to say about it? it is actually not bad at all. But if you are comparing it with Pringles and lays, you definitely cannot beat those two. If you are comparing it with Mr potatoes and cottage chips, you will place chipster on the priority list. It makes a good snack in office and for the amount you consumed, you might need to spend a few hours in gym to burn those calories.


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