Monday, August 06, 2007

Belacan Bee Hoon and Carvery

After the rainforest world music festival, it’s time for everyone to head back to their respective ways. I myself decided to stay a little longer at Kuching, to catch up with a few friends and went for food hunting.

The first place we go for food was at tabuan jaya, Irene said that the belacan bee hoon (shrimp paste vermicelli) is worth a try. It was a shame that I never even bother about trying the infamous belacan bee hoon when I was there, I shall not miss this opportunity.

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It was good, despite the fact that some people do not like it. It has this sweet taste of the paste, together with lots of belacan in it. Thumbs up for this dish, strongly recommended by me if you never tried it before.

The next day we decided to drop by carvery, I am sure most of you know what to expect judging by the name. It is located somewhere at pending, which I find it quite a distance from the city. It is simply a heaven for meat lovers, they will not stop carving the meat until you give them instruction to stop. Each round they will give you a variety of choices of different type of meat and a buffet of salad. Is that good or what?

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Sadly we only managed to go for two rounds, since it was quite late already and I was fashionably late too. More food galore from Kuching too come on the next post.


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