Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sarawak's First Halo Cafe

A Music cafe that is famous at the west side of Malaysia, famous for the people works there and emerges as a professional singer. Halo cafe has open their first branch in east Malaysia, they have decided to extend their franchise to Miri.

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The location they obtained was a very good one, the cafe now occupies the place where Standard Charted used to be before moving to centre point 2. The music cafe is so famous that i have never even heard about it, not until the promotion team was doing their marketing and words of mouth about their opening.

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Me and colleague were given a cash voucher worth RM20 each, it was expiring yesterday and we decided not to let it go to waste.

The happy hour starts everyday at 6pm to 8pm, drinks are half price during that time except food. Every night at 9pm, young aspiring singers will be performing in Mandarin or Cantonese and English. Customers are able to request songs too, the only thing sucky about it is that numbers of songs they know are very limited, so don't be disappointed if they cannot fulfill your request.

My colleague and her husband ordered the Wah tan hor(Cantonese Fried Kueh Teow)and spicy chicken noodles, while i ordered the Halo cafe fried rice. Drinks are pricey there,with the price range of RM10 below and which makes me rather order a bottle of beer which is almost the same price.

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There food and drinks was good, not the super duper yummy good that you would go crazy about it. But the kind of good to the extend that it has met the standard and worth the price.

What else do i want to say about this new Establishment? if you young blokes are thinking of bringing your date because the place looks hip and nice, forget about it. The music is loud even when there is no live performance, what more to say if the band is performing. I doubt that you can even hear when your date trying to say something, unless the both of you are there for the music then it is recommended. If a romantic night is what you were looking for, then better go somewhere nice and quite.


Blogger Mystery LadyBird said...

Hhhmmm will check out d place soon...

9:19 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

yeah go check it out when ever you're free

11:04 PM  
Blogger Joe Xavier said...

nice place... the only downside is the happy hour thingy...

11:15 AM  

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