Saturday, June 09, 2007

An unexpected sms

A couple of nights from last week, i received a few sms. The sms came at a very wrong time around 4am in the morning, so i thought that it could be an urgent sms or an emergency call. I took my phone with my brains half a wake to find that sms was in Mandarin, although i was from Mandarin educated school for almost 10 years and i cannot even read a single word written there. It's not that bad i can still read a couple of simple Mandarin not advance, i decided to let my colleagues to translate it when i go to the office.

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After letting my colleague read the sms, it really ticked me off. It was nothing but a message from someone who is trying to propagate a Buddhist recruitment website, now i have nothing against Buddhist or Buddhism. You would be pissed if you received a sms in the middle of the night and people trying to get some sleep and rest after busting their butts from work, i don't mind you propagating a message and you can do it in the day or so but you woke me up from my slumber and i really despise that. So i replied to him or her in a polite way" can please don't me sms 4am in the morning and people are trying to get some sleep" i guess politeness paid off, i don't received any sms in the middle of the night anymore.

But just to be sure that i will not be disturbed during my slumber, i switch my phone to lights mode which means no sound and no vibration at all. a good night rest for me.

p/s: Freddie it was nice meeting you last night, maybe we can meet up for a drink next time :)


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