Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mission failed

I packed everything nicely in my laptop bag, making sure that i do forget anything i need for my laptop. I was looking forward to spend my Sunday afternoon in coffee bean to utilize their wifi service, of course you need to buy a drink from them. As i happily unpack my stuff from the bag, i notice something was wrong. There was no plugs outside! i did not charge my laptop's battery and the available plugs was taken. I made a mistake of not charging it before going to coffee bean, there was nothing much that i can do but to wait. When there was a vacant plug, i was still outside doing my stuff and i guess my slug mode decision has caused me the space when a lady went straight there and took my space *smacks my forehead* and she was my acquaintance. Mission failed! i shall move to the next venue.

Yesterday i decided to step right back in the kitchen to whoop up some grubs, although i was having diarrhea but i was really hungry. I think i made an attempt with the risone previously which did not turned out well, i think this one turns out pretty well. May i present you my risone with Bacon and chicken fillet with red wine vinegar sauce.


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