Thursday, June 28, 2007

Old school

There is one thing i like about my grandpa's house in Limbang, there are so many authentic old school stuff from the 70s or earlier than that. It was during Chinese new year early February this year, we had nothing do while waiting for some visitors to drop by. We found one of our uncle's glasses, we came up with the idea for the old school theme.

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Do i look nerdy or what? with the hair combed to the side, the over greasy hair, buttons up to the top, pants up high and with the big glasses. Now that is old school.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rainforest world music festival

Everyone is talking about it, everyone is asking about it. The Sarawak tourism is busting their ass promoting it, the Malaysia tourism board is endorsing the event. Almost half of my friends has attended the event, which left me the only one who have not went to rainforest world music festival. I was at Kuching in 2003, being an idiot who did not even bother to go when there was the opportunity.

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*credits to Sarawak Tourism Board for the photo*

I have decided to fork out some cash, since this year is a special year for the rainforest world music festival. Me, Arth, and Irene is going to there. If you guys are still planning to go, my advice is better go before the tickets and rooms are taken up. I am also looking forward to meet up with some friends. Since my phone was stolen last year and i lost some of my contacts from Kuching, if you guys would be so kind to email me your contacts.

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I'll see you guys in Kuching on the 12/07/07 and i am looking forward for the 3rd mile beef noodles.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheap meth seed

When ever anyone mention the word meth, the word "drugs" comes straight to your mind. Meth is a short form for the world's most dangerous drug, as mention in national geographic chanel before if you watched that epsiode.

I was told that you could purchase 50gm of meth seeds for only rm1.00, now that is really cheap for 50gm of meth seeds. I asked to have a look at it, they gladly lead the way to me. I could not believe my eyes either, it really is RM1.00 for 50gm of meth seed. Don't believe me? have a look for yourself.

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Gotcha!, what were you thinking? me writing a post like the legendary sixthseal? only when pigs fly, it is nothing but plain old spices used for cooking and it's call meth seed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tag! your it!!

Apparently Sami Un has decided to tag me, so why not do the tag? but you must admit that i did a pretty good job on his hairdo for linkage banner on my blog, right? so let's get on with the tag.

How many

1. Cookies could you eat at once? unless they tasted like something my fish or cat eats, it would be once.

2. Times do you clean your room a year?
if you put my room on MTV's room raider, i will definitely fail the mission

3. Times do you pee during the night?
that depends on how much did i drank before bed.

4. Times you bathe your pets in a year?
My folks does takes care of that, since my pets are already soaked in water.

5. Times you brush your teeth a day?
Twice a day or if i was too drunk it will be once.

6. Meals you eat a day?
3 meals a day or more if my stomach is not bloated

7. Approximate pounds of chocolate you’ve consumed in your life?
Mmmmmmmm chocolate!! few thousand pounds? or enough to bury someone

8. Times do you cry a week?
cry a week? me ain't no sissy!!!

9. Jeans that you own?
3 Levi's jeans, i need more!

10. Money in your wallet?
i just spent it on lunch so now it's empty

11. Times have you dyed your hair?
6 times. and i remember the first time i dyed it, my hair color looked like a baboon's ass

12. Hours of Tv do you watch a day?
If no one is bugging the tv, i can just sit there until i fall asleep

13. Sodas do you consume in a day?
SODAS FOR LOSERS!!! nahhh i'm j/k, i hardly drink sodas, maybe a few times in a month.

14. Sheep do you want on your farm?
sheeps? suuuuure they make good rack of lamb and lamb shanks, mmmmmmm

Do you believe in/support:

Ghosts? i just believe that there are spirits roaming around us
Aliens? yeahh they're everywhere on earth! entering ppl's country without passport!
Abortion? I believe it is call murder? killing Innocent babies? screw you guys who support it!
Superstitions? for what?
Botox? maybe? if i can afford it?
Plastic surgery? Unless my face or where ever my body part is disfigure, i would use it to salvage my body
Religion? yeah
The bible? of course! it's the word of God
Yourself? yeah i do and sometimes i don't, funny isn't it?
Marriage? It's a gift from God, so cherish it!
Divorce? If she's a bitch who three times me, and cheats my money and things like that? yes!

IF IF IF……….

1. If you could go back to any age, what age would it be?
The age of the beginning, and ask why do mosquito exist

2. If you met an alien he’d look like
Mark Chang from fairly odd parents!!

3. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
I wish to rule the world!! MUAHAHAHA, no seriously, i would wish for unlimited wishes than i can all the wishes i want.

4. If you were up for sale, your ad description would say?
No refunds after first 5 seconds

which one are you?

1. You are a city OR country person?
I'm a city person, i grew up from a city, i don't mind country once a while.

2. You think more with Passion OR Logic?
You need to have both! but passion comes first then the logic.

3. You’d rather die with your love by your side, OR without them?
Why must i involve the ones i love? if my time is up, so be it and don't involve any of my loved ones

4. You’d rather drink Milk OR juice?
Juice, because it's good for u, then milk.

5. Your a Cat OR dog person?
I'm more of a fish person, but i have cats, so it's cats then since one of my fish is a catfish.

6. Smoothies OR Milkshakes?
I thought they're both very similiar?

7. Night Owl OR Day Bird?
I missed being an owl. goood times, good times.

8. Chocolate Cake OR Apple Pie?
chocolate pleasae!

9. Alternative rock OR 70s Disco Music?
Rock on dude!

10. Do you like your mate to be skinny winy or have a little chunk?
skinny like Nicole richie? heck no!! i do not want to hug a stick.

11. Rather get quilled by a porqupine OR stung by a jelly fish?
i got stung by a jelly fish before and it was nasty! quilled? does having piercings count?

Now i shall select my next five victims, and the five victims are


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jazz fest part 7

This is the final part of the jazz fest, seriously guys! i promised. The line up for the last shows of both night is the dirty dozen brass band, they performed for two nights. This band is one of the crowd favourites and they rocked the dance floor too, they came all the way from the home of hurricane Katrina. It's one of the best jazz band from New Orleans, New Orleans is the place where many great jazz musicians are made.

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The band put up a wonderful performance, they even performaned the blues. Not to mention the guitarist looks a like xzbit from pimp my ride, the dread and his facial looks that is. One of the trumpeter showed something we do not see everyday, he played two trumpets together. Now that is really core 2 duo. I cannot wait for next year's jazz festival, although it's going to be ass busting time but it's all worth it with Heineken beer there.

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I compiled the photos from the 1st night and the second night sessions, i managed to have a few photos with the performers too.

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So that is the end of the Jazz fest 2007, I am still thinking whether to go for rain forest or not. There is still a few weeks to think, till then i'm planning for a holiday again.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

An unexpected sms

A couple of nights from last week, i received a few sms. The sms came at a very wrong time around 4am in the morning, so i thought that it could be an urgent sms or an emergency call. I took my phone with my brains half a wake to find that sms was in Mandarin, although i was from Mandarin educated school for almost 10 years and i cannot even read a single word written there. It's not that bad i can still read a couple of simple Mandarin not advance, i decided to let my colleagues to translate it when i go to the office.

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After letting my colleague read the sms, it really ticked me off. It was nothing but a message from someone who is trying to propagate a Buddhist recruitment website, now i have nothing against Buddhist or Buddhism. You would be pissed if you received a sms in the middle of the night and people trying to get some sleep and rest after busting their butts from work, i don't mind you propagating a message and you can do it in the day or so but you woke me up from my slumber and i really despise that. So i replied to him or her in a polite way" can please don't me sms 4am in the morning and people are trying to get some sleep" i guess politeness paid off, i don't received any sms in the middle of the night anymore.

But just to be sure that i will not be disturbed during my slumber, i switch my phone to lights mode which means no sound and no vibration at all. a good night rest for me.

p/s: Freddie it was nice meeting you last night, maybe we can meet up for a drink next time :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jazz Fest part 6

My apologies for the sloth mode update on the jazz fest, it was before i discovered the free wireless service at my area. Now that it's available, I don't have fight for the computer and i can update as often as i could.The band performing in part 6 is Habana sax not Havana, all the way from Fidel Castro's home land Cuba. This is one of the band that got the crowds stark raving mad, their performance was magnificence and it kept us entertained the whole time.

During the performance they invited the ladies from the crowds to join on the stage, half way through one of the security escorted them to leave and it made of the band member really pissed. Of course they did invite some guys but as usual that the attention goes straight to the ladies, they even surprised the crowd with two of the Cuban rap incorporated with jazz. There was hardly any space for us to move around, we had to utilize the remaining space to take the shots.

That's all from part 6 and next Jazz fest part 7.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mission failed

I packed everything nicely in my laptop bag, making sure that i do forget anything i need for my laptop. I was looking forward to spend my Sunday afternoon in coffee bean to utilize their wifi service, of course you need to buy a drink from them. As i happily unpack my stuff from the bag, i notice something was wrong. There was no plugs outside! i did not charge my laptop's battery and the available plugs was taken. I made a mistake of not charging it before going to coffee bean, there was nothing much that i can do but to wait. When there was a vacant plug, i was still outside doing my stuff and i guess my slug mode decision has caused me the space when a lady went straight there and took my space *smacks my forehead* and she was my acquaintance. Mission failed! i shall move to the next venue.

Yesterday i decided to step right back in the kitchen to whoop up some grubs, although i was having diarrhea but i was really hungry. I think i made an attempt with the risone previously which did not turned out well, i think this one turns out pretty well. May i present you my risone with Bacon and chicken fillet with red wine vinegar sauce.