Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jazz Fest Part 5

Hello guys, it's jazz fest part 5. I know i have been updating in slug mode but please bear with me since my schedule is always tied up or my pc is fucked up. Today we're going to see two bands which are Orak Naa Naa from Germany & Morocco and George washinemachine all the way from down under. Orak Naa Naa's music is fusion like KCP4, a mixture of traditional Moroccan music with modern day jazz. I thought it was a pretty cool combination and the Moroccan dude was awesome, watching him play was like a rock star on that traditional instrument.

George washinemachine quartet was one of my favourite band during the jazz fest, their genre was swing jazz which is something that we always hear on movies. George's vocal is very similar Randy Newman, if you watched toy story before you will know it. Hearing him sing really brings back good memories and giving you the feeling of nostalgia, not to mention he's got a sense of humour too which makes their entire performance really entertaining and something buzz worthy. Stay tune for Jazz part 6!
p/s: i finally got it!


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