Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jazz fest part 4

Ola people, the next band I am going to introduce to you is all the way from Spain. Please welcome Lluis Coloma! it is their second time here in the jazz fest and they are one of the crowd favourites. Their performance was absolutely fabulous, when you hear it you want to get boogie on the dance floor. Their Spaniards supporters were there to cheer for them as well, Iqbal and the volunteers did a very good job getting everyone to boogie to the tunes.

You guys should have seen how the pianist played, he was seriously playing like a mad man. His fingers was so fast that he almost burnt the piano, not to mention the four saxophonist was awesome as well. The double bass player was crazy too, he was plucking the instrument like nobdy's business, I love this band! I hope they will come back next year. Stay tune for jazz fest Part 5

By the way, can you spot Damndirtyangel in this photo?


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