Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jazz Fest Part 3

Hello guys, so sorry for the late update on the jazz fest due to my time tied up with work. As i mention before on my previous post about a band that plays during the interchange of bands on the jazz festival, the band that is playing under the stars are none other than Son2Nos. The band members are from Venezuela, The Philippines and other part of South America. The band entertained us with salsa and hot Latin music, I am just wondering is it me or the lead singer of the band looks a like Simon Cowel from American Idol? just go make a comparison of him and the singer, you will see what i meant.

After the performance from outside, it was time to head on to the pavilion again. It was really tiring that u have to walk in and out every time a band has ended their session, no wonder me and Arth was in fatigue. If you like both traditional music and modern music, the next band it's going to be interesting. May we present to you KCP4, the band members from India and Germany. Their music are fusion, a combination of Traditional Indian music and modern day jazz. The singer has excellent control of her voice and it was amazing what they did, both the guy and the lady were doing a scat singing. I think the definition of scat is like the singer scatman john, you will know if you ever listen to his songs(please correct me if I am wrong).

That is all for part 3, please come back for part 4.


Blogger rych said...

one of your pic has a disoriented girl in it with a tie and a heineken bottle. haha

12:38 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

rych: yeah i wonder who is that? LOL

12:21 PM  

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