Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My New toy

I just got myself a new toy, not only did it burnt a hole in my wallet but this means that my expense has risen. I got me self a notebook, try and guess which model did i get.

Still not idea? well let the next photo tell you what i got.

here's the specs of the Vaio , Intel Core 2 duo processor T5500 (1.6GHz), Hard disk Drive 80GB, NVDIA GeForece Go 7400 GPU, Wndows Vista Home Premium, Main Memory (DDR2) 1GB, DVD + RW Drive and of course Wireless LAN and built in bluetooth, for More info of specs please click here . I do sound like techno geek here, after all i have not been catching up with the latest gadgets and i needed a notebook anyway. Next item on the list, wireless LAN at home.

Before you ask me why did i pick blue, it's because everyone is using black or white or what so ever. I decided to go for the odd ball color, we need to be different right?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jazz Fest Part 5

Hello guys, it's jazz fest part 5. I know i have been updating in slug mode but please bear with me since my schedule is always tied up or my pc is fucked up. Today we're going to see two bands which are Orak Naa Naa from Germany & Morocco and George washinemachine all the way from down under. Orak Naa Naa's music is fusion like KCP4, a mixture of traditional Moroccan music with modern day jazz. I thought it was a pretty cool combination and the Moroccan dude was awesome, watching him play was like a rock star on that traditional instrument.

George washinemachine quartet was one of my favourite band during the jazz fest, their genre was swing jazz which is something that we always hear on movies. George's vocal is very similar Randy Newman, if you watched toy story before you will know it. Hearing him sing really brings back good memories and giving you the feeling of nostalgia, not to mention he's got a sense of humour too which makes their entire performance really entertaining and something buzz worthy. Stay tune for Jazz part 6!
p/s: i finally got it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jazz fest part 4

Ola people, the next band I am going to introduce to you is all the way from Spain. Please welcome Lluis Coloma! it is their second time here in the jazz fest and they are one of the crowd favourites. Their performance was absolutely fabulous, when you hear it you want to get boogie on the dance floor. Their Spaniards supporters were there to cheer for them as well, Iqbal and the volunteers did a very good job getting everyone to boogie to the tunes.

You guys should have seen how the pianist played, he was seriously playing like a mad man. His fingers was so fast that he almost burnt the piano, not to mention the four saxophonist was awesome as well. The double bass player was crazy too, he was plucking the instrument like nobdy's business, I love this band! I hope they will come back next year. Stay tune for jazz fest Part 5

By the way, can you spot Damndirtyangel in this photo?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Food from movie

Most of you have watched V for vendetta before i presume, in one of the scene V was cooking breakfast for Evey which made me wanted to try what he was cooking. In the movie, he uses a piece of bread and an egg on top of it in a pan. It looks very simple right? looks are always deceiving by the way. I decided to try it for myself and see how it would turn out.

I failed at the first attempt, the egg slipped off and it was suppose to be on top of the bread.

In attempt no 2 i carefully pour egg on the top and make sure the pan is in the right position, which i do not want to repeat attempt no 1.

Success at last, it nothing really special actually. It just looks nice with the egg attached on the bread and the egg will not fall off the bread, if you do want to try it, just control the heat properly otherwise you would end up eating carbon instead of bread.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jazz Fest Part 3

Hello guys, so sorry for the late update on the jazz fest due to my time tied up with work. As i mention before on my previous post about a band that plays during the interchange of bands on the jazz festival, the band that is playing under the stars are none other than Son2Nos. The band members are from Venezuela, The Philippines and other part of South America. The band entertained us with salsa and hot Latin music, I am just wondering is it me or the lead singer of the band looks a like Simon Cowel from American Idol? just go make a comparison of him and the singer, you will see what i meant.

After the performance from outside, it was time to head on to the pavilion again. It was really tiring that u have to walk in and out every time a band has ended their session, no wonder me and Arth was in fatigue. If you like both traditional music and modern music, the next band it's going to be interesting. May we present to you KCP4, the band members from India and Germany. Their music are fusion, a combination of Traditional Indian music and modern day jazz. The singer has excellent control of her voice and it was amazing what they did, both the guy and the lady were doing a scat singing. I think the definition of scat is like the singer scatman john, you will know if you ever listen to his songs(please correct me if I am wrong).

That is all for part 3, please come back for part 4.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jazz Fest Part 2

So I'll talk about Jazz Fest today as promised yesterday, this the second year of the Jazz Fest is held here in Miri. Thank goodness that Heineken was one of the sponsor, if not it would not be that nice at all. Plenty of food stalls everywhere just in case you want to grab a bite, and an outdoor stage by the beach during the interchange of the performers . Now isn't that a view that almost every love birds like? I joined Irene, Jo-n and Genevie at the from row.

This year's performers consist of 8 international bands including a local Malaysian Jazz band, all bands are absolutely fantastic. They all have their own kind specialty that makes you feel the vibe of Jazz, the first band performing for the night is our very own David Gomes Jazz Sextet featuring Junji Delfino on vocals consisting of Malaysians and Filipinos from Kuala Lumpur.

Junji Delfino and David Gomes's voice was simply fabulous, the sound that gets you feeling it. Even the kids are dancing to the music while their parents are busy getting booze, that is all for part 2 and come back for part 3.