Monday, January 15, 2007

New Perfume

Calvin Klein just release their latest perfume, behold the new CK one electric. What caught my attention on this perfume was the name Electric and the color of the perfume,it's greem in color, after reading the review from FHM seems to good to be true. You know that you cannot always rely on magazine reviews, the only way to make sure that it is worthy to be own is to try it yourself.

I dropped by parkson to check out the perfume at the CK counter, the lady was kind enough to let me try. CK one electric smells great and refreshing, it does not smell too musky and not too feminine. A job well done on the new perfume, a good buy for the CK fans out there. Although my choice of perfume would be something like Burberry London which i am currently using, curious to know the smell? just go to parkson try it there.(it is not everyone's perfume) Get your CK one Electric today for RM187 at your nearest retail outlet.

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