Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Embarrassing request

My previous job experience as a front desk reception was quite an interesting one, sometimes it can be joyful and it can be nasty as well. Everyday I meet all sorts of customers, from the type of customer who wanted to be treated like the Queen of England or the Mafia of Italy. I find the customers sometimes very amusing and seriously annoying, still they are the customers and they are the ones who gave me my salary.

It was one evening night in 2005, where the Filipino band is playing out loud at the lounge. With the disturbance of the music, I can hardly hear anything from telephone ringing and people talking to me. A total nuisance and a stupid idea to put the lounge at the lobby area, despite tons of complaints have been filed, no action has been taken. Then comes a guy approaching the counter, I step forward and greeted him. The fellow looks like he committed a crime or he is up to no good, but nevertheless he is still the customer. He asked me a question in a very soft tone voice, I could not hear what he just said with the music blasting from the lounge. I asked him politely to repeat the question, still the fellow did not wish to say it out loud and he asked in a very soft tone. I was feeling rather awkward, why is the fellow acting in such a way.

Does he have a mischievous plan? Or he is too embarrassed to ask for a request? Finally he gave himself him and asked "ada rubber kah?" (do you have rubber?)the moment I heard that, I nearly burst into a laughter. He said" condom! condom! ada jual condom kah?"(do you sell condoms?) Bad news for the horny but shy fellow, I told him" I'm sorry sir, we don't sell them here" in a time of desperation he asked where else can he obtain one. Back in 2005 we did not have any 24 hrs shops until this year, I came up with a dumb suggestion saying that he can get it at the petrol station and it's off he goes. Good luck chap! I hope you have a good shag.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe... maybe if u have some in your pocket at that time, you could sell it to him at high price?? hehe....

6:04 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

baby jee: yeah i wish i had one in my pocket that time too.

8:46 AM  

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