Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Missed calls

It is usually common to get missed calls on our handphones, missed calls can be anything from an urgent matter to an absolute crap. There can be one thousand and one reasons to a missed call, today Prince Albert is in the toilet. I usually do not get a lot of missed calls, there was eight missed calls on my phone this morning. It was from Rining, getting a missed call from him early in the morning was like a call from a lottery company congratulating you.

Since it was really unusual to get a call from at that time, could it be that Rining was rape by a band of trannies? getting a fat lip from a bunch of ah bengs? having a punctured tyre on his beloved Pajero? or getting into trouble with the authorities?(his parents to be exact) Therefore i was curious to find out and gave him a call

Me: *ring ring*

Rining: er.... helloo?(in a sleepy voice)

Me: ahh what is it?

Rining: mmm.... nothing lah, wanna ask u go eat lunch at 11:30am

Me: O_O!?!?!?!?! ok lah i'll see u later then

That was really unexpected, i wonder is he actually feeling alright? LOL


Anonymous Ben.C said...

Oh my Gawsh!!! oh Gawsh!! Can't believe this! is this real? you got a blog!! Hey Darren Loh its me Benjamin Chow - Add me Last exam tomorrow and I'll be a certified engineer! Catch you when I get back to Malaysia for holiday before i start work! Ah!! can't believe it!! cool blog though!

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Ben.C said...

Gonna be back in early december and going off at mid dec.... hope you're still in Miri. Note: dont have to post this one up.. it's for you only. Regards. Ben.C

5:20 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

ben.C: yo ben!! long time no see, p.m me when you're back here aight, then we'll meet up :)

12:37 PM  

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