Monday, October 30, 2006

I Love shoes!

Shoes are my passion, why is that? there is no accurate answer to the question asked. It is very much like fans camping during night time at old trafford for the best seat of the match or a Limp Bizkit concert, it's the fan's passion football or a rock concert. My passion for shoes are very much like a football player's passion for the game, who is counting? i am counting and there's room for more.

I managed to win a bid on ebay for a pair of Nike SB dunk, the shipping really costed me a bomb. It's not the latest pair of dunk, but it's one of the pair that i have been looking for quite some times.

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Another pair of shoes added to the collection, I'm off to hunt for the next pair of shoes. Having so much shoes made my mom questioned me about it and i gave her the reasons that they're limited editions.

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A happy halloween to you guys out there.

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