Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Must get up!

I was happy that the administration approved my off day on last Saturday. I was looking forward to a great Saturday night out with a couple of booze and whiskey. My great escape came crumbling down, my stomach felt a little weird and bloated at the same time. I thought that it was a minor and common discomfort, *buzz* wrong! waking up the next day with a feeling of knocking myself out and the power of g-force refusing to let me get out of bed.

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Do not consume if you feel like hugging the toilet.

I was grateful enough for not going out to ease my cravings for booze and if i have done so, i doubt that i would be fit to work on monday.Thank God for certified drugs and sick leave, after a sufficient amount of pills and I'm back on my feet again. Back to daily routine loaded with more shit, that just sucks! I just can't wait for my leave on next weekend and i will be out of here. Kuching here I come! There are so many places I want to drop by to soothe my taste buds in Kuching, any Kuchingites care to recommend a good place?

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cheers mate!


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