Sunday, August 20, 2006

Malaysia's Pride?

I am wondering should i be proud that our country manufactures cars or should i be ashame that our country manufactures tin cars, tin cars that doesn't meeet the international car safety requirement. Eric told me about BBC Top Gear's host Jeremy Clarkson made a review about the Perodua Kelisa, not exactly a review i would say. Do watch the video to see what i am trying to tell you guys.

I can't help it that the video was really funny, my favourite part of the video would be the blowing up of the car. No offense to the local care manufacutrer.


Blogger princessNariza said...

LOL the way it was blown up had like a style to it in a perfect blown up way :D

7:55 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

princessnariza: yeah, especially when it was thrown up in the air

12:41 PM  

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