Monday, July 31, 2006

Handphones anyone?

As some of you know that my phone was stolen by my ex classmate, I just hope that fucker will die miserably. You can see the fucker's face here He stole my the phone that I was so attached to.

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I was left without any option but to borrow a temporary phone to use for the time being, which was the Nokia 8210, the Nokia 8210 had lived it's glory days by breaking the record for the lightest phone made.

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Now I am not trying to be rude here, but that phone have too much problems already. The reception of the phone is just bad, I had a tough time listening to my clients, my friends, my family talking to me. The phone have a major bug problem, it automatically changes the profile and I am unable to change it back, the only way is to restart the phone and I have lost count. But I must thank the owner for borrowing me the phone otherwise I will not have a phone to use at all.

Here's my new phone.

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It does not have the functions that my previous phone had. But it is a decent phone to make calls and stuffs, i'm very satisfied with it and maybe when commitment has been reduced i shall get a symbian phone. I think Nokia is trying to cut cost with the tiny box.

P/S: Nigel Gia Bala i really hope that you shall have the most miserable, bitter and the worst time of your pathetic little life that anyone can ever lived and I hope you shall get "Ham Kah Fu Guai".


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