Friday, July 14, 2006

Bad debt

Last year all of the Miri Holiday Crew came back from Australia for their summer holidays, but knowing that Miri is such a small city with limited entertaintment and stuff. Usually we would play snooker just to kill our time, one day me and Josh went for a game snooker at our usual place. When Josh went to the counter to make the payment, the owner started a converstation with Josh.

Owner: eh mana itu kawan kamu, tinggi tinggi punya

Josh: huh? mana satu?

Owner: nehh itu tinggi tinggi punya cina punya budak yang macam pompuan

Josh: Huh macam pompuan?? (LOL)

Owner: ohh bukan bukan, they pakai baju macam pompuan

Josh: ohh itu, dia balik Melbourne sudah oh, kenapa?

Owner: ohh tidak, hari itu dia panggil mee goreng, dan belum bayar bahh (hinting Josh to pay)

Josh: ok berepa itu mee?

Owner: RM2.50, ohh dan dia ada panggil milo peng belum bayar jugak

Josh:.............(pays the owner the amount)

LOL, i can't believe our friend forgotten to pay for his noodles and drinks before he left, and the way the owner described him really cracked me up.


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