Monday, July 31, 2006

Handphones anyone?

As some of you know that my phone was stolen by my ex classmate, I just hope that fucker will die miserably. You can see the fucker's face here He stole my the phone that I was so attached to.

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I was left without any option but to borrow a temporary phone to use for the time being, which was the Nokia 8210, the Nokia 8210 had lived it's glory days by breaking the record for the lightest phone made.

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Now I am not trying to be rude here, but that phone have too much problems already. The reception of the phone is just bad, I had a tough time listening to my clients, my friends, my family talking to me. The phone have a major bug problem, it automatically changes the profile and I am unable to change it back, the only way is to restart the phone and I have lost count. But I must thank the owner for borrowing me the phone otherwise I will not have a phone to use at all.

Here's my new phone.

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It does not have the functions that my previous phone had. But it is a decent phone to make calls and stuffs, i'm very satisfied with it and maybe when commitment has been reduced i shall get a symbian phone. I think Nokia is trying to cut cost with the tiny box.

P/S: Nigel Gia Bala i really hope that you shall have the most miserable, bitter and the worst time of your pathetic little life that anyone can ever lived and I hope you shall get "Ham Kah Fu Guai".

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Most of you know or watched the movie Herbie by Disney, the remake of Herbie starring Lindsay Lohan or the first Herbie. Today i saw a VW bug pimped up like Herbie, i think the owner must be a really a big fan of Herbie.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

My new toy

I have been searching around for a spanking good camera to use, i know i already have a digital camera. But i really like photography and i would defitnately love to learn, in that case i need a really good camera to go more into photography. Very much thanks to my dad he found a place where they sell used camera for a damn good price, here is the model that i wish to own.

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Image Sensor

Type CMOS sensor

Effective Pixels Approx. 8.0 megapixels

Size (mm) 22.2 x 14.8

Focal Length Conversion Factor

Color filter Type Primary color filter

Recording System

Recording Media Compact Flash

Slot/Type CF Type I/II

Recording Quality (JPEG compression) (1) Large/Fine
(2) Large/Normal
(3) Middle/Fine
(4) Middle/Normal
(5) Small/Fine
(6) Small/Normal
(7) RAW compression + L/F (8).RAW compression

(RAW compression) Separate RAW compression and JPEG compression (L/F) images

(JPEG compression + RAW compression)(Simultaneous Recording) (1) Large: 8.00
(2) Middle: 4.15
(3) Small: 2.00

Recording Pixels (Approx. megapixels) sRGB: Yes

File size Adobe RGB: Yes (Exif 2.21)Color: Contrast, sharpness, color saturation, color tone

Color Space Monochrome: Contrast, sharpness, filter efftect, toning

Compatible Card Capacity 2 GB and higher

Imaging Processor

Imaging Processor DIGIC II

White Balance

System Image Sensor

Settings Auto, daylight, shade, cloudy, twilight, sunset, tungsten light, white fluorescent light, flash, custom, color temperature

WB Correction (Levels) Blue/Amber bias: +/-9 levels
Magenta/Green bias: +/-9 levels
Auto white balance with the image sensor

WB Bracketing Amount: +/-3 levels in 1-level increments
Direction: Blue/Amber bias & Magenta/Green bias
Shutter release: 3 images with one shot


Coverage Approx. 95%

Magnification 0.8x

Eyepoint 21 mm

Dioptric adjustment -3.0 - +1.0 dpt

Focusing Screen Precision Matte

Depth-of-field Preview Yes


AF Points 7

Focusing Modes One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF

AF Point Selection Cross keys/Main dial

Brightness EV 0.5 -18

AF Mode Selectable Yes

50 kph predictive AF (EF300mm f/2.8L IS IS, approx. m) 10

AF-assist beam type Stroboscopic flash

Exposure Control

Sensor Zones 35

Metering Range EV 1-20 Evaluative, partial at center, center weighted averaged

Metering Modes Yes

Metering Modes Selectable Full Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, No Flash, Program AE, Shutter speed priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Manual, Depth of field AE

Shooting Modes Equivalent to ISO 100-1600

ISO speed Basic Zone: Auto
Creative Zone: 100, 200, 400, 800, 600

Exposure compensation (increments and range) +/-2 in 1/3- or ½-stop inc.

AEB (increments and range) +/-2 in 1/3- or ½-stop inc.

AE Lock Yes

Flash Metering Mode Evaluative metering: E-TTL II
Averaged metering: Yes (C.Fn-8-1)


Shutter Speeds 1/4000 - 30 sec, bulb, X-sync at 1/200 sec.


Drive Modes Single, continuous, Self-timer

Continuous Shooting Speed (fps) One Shot: 3 / AI Servo: 3

Max. Burst JPEG compression: 14 (Fine/Fine) / RAW compression: 5

Built-in Flash

Guide No. 13

Coverage (Angle of view, mm) 17

Flash Exposure Compensation +/-2 stops in 1/3- or ½ stops increment.

Fe Lock Yes

LCD Monitor

Screen Size 1.8 inches

Pixels displayed Approx.115, 000


Display Modes Single image (basic info/info/no info)/Index

Histogram/Highlight alert Yes

Zoom-in magnification Approx. 1.5x – 10x

Jump display 10 images/100 images/Date

Image Rotation Yes (90°, 270°)

Image Protection Yes

Menu Interface Language

Menu Interface Language 15

Custom Functions (Qty/settings)

Custom Functions (Qty/settings) 9/24

Recording Format

DCF (Ver) 2.0

Exif (Ver) 2.21

Direct Printing /Printing

PictBridge (PTP) compatibility Yes

CP/BJ Direct compatibility Yes

Direct Print Yes

DPOF (Ver) 1.1

External Interface

USB (Ver) 2.0 Hi-speed

Video OUT (NTSC/PAL) Yes

Remote Control Terminal Yes (RS-60E3)

Wireless Remote Control Yes (RC-1, RC-5)

Startup Time

Startup Time 0.2 sec

Power Source

Possible Shots (20°, 50%) 400 (NB-2LH)

Battery NB-2LH

AC Power Yes

Date/Time Backup Battery CR2016

Battery Grip BG-E3 (size-AA batteries compatible)


Material Plastic

Exterior Color Silver/Black

LCD Panel Illumination Yes

EF-S Lens Compatibility Yes

Chassis Material

Material Stainless Steel + Plastic

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (W X H X D) 126.5 x 94.2 x 64 mm

Weight 485g (body only)

Source from Canon Malaysia

What do you guys think? it is indeed the joy of photography right? i have personally inspected and tested the Canon EOS 350D myself and it is worth to buy, since a canon powershot S30 cost around RM1895 and the Canon EOS 350D cost RM1700 so i might as well get one with the better specs right? It's going to be Maggi mee for the whole month after i get the Canon EOS 350D.

*please pardon the techno geek jargons*

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The parody of the shampoo advert

I was told by Kynan that Nicole Richie made a parody out of the pantene shampoo advertisment, i went and watched the video on his blog. Within second the video really cracked me up and i could not stop laughing at it, because the video is serious hilarious.

*warning please do not watch the video while eating or drinking, choking might be triggered by those actions*

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Alex's Barthday

Last night Alex invited me to his barthday bash at Balcony, it seems like everyone goes to balcony to celebrate their birthday. It's either balcony or the island or cherrie berries or al fresco's, well balcony is a nightmare for most birthday boys since five out ten birthday boys come out drunk(including me). Sadly we couldn't get Alex drunk and we shall try again, ALex asked me to wear my phatties but i was feeling rather awkward because it was nothing much at balcony except for Alex's birthday. I ended up not wearing it, most of them was wearing inside the Karaoke room. Phatties in a karaoke room? that doesn't sound right, It was all good and i managed to catch up with an old classmate there too.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mitsubishi Road show

Everyone must have heard of the KL international motor show, they are organizing the Mitsubishi road show in Sarawak and Sabah. After waiting for a few weeks, the road show has finally arrived in Miri. It's a three day road show here in Miri, so i decided to drop by to check out the sweet Evolution 9. After checking out the Evo 9, i must say it's a sweet ride indeed and the car is actually modified for rally racing. I'm going to show detailed pictures of the car.

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Sadly i didn't get to test the power of the car, that was the main thing i was looking forward for this event. Anyway guess who i met there? it's Notty Jian, a blogger from KL. She's working as a model for the road show and she didn't expect to meet her blog reader from Miri. She's really friendly and nice to talk with, it was nice meeting you there jian and hopefully see you in KL if i drop by there.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rip off artist

Last month i celebrated my father's birthday at an infamous seafood restaurant called "Yi Ha Hai" a direct translation would mean "Fish,Prawn,Sea" it's sort of amusing isn't it? I decided to bring my family there for dinner because of their fame for good food.

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We ordered Fish lip soup, Fried Venision with Ginger, Hong Kong Kai Lan stir fried with Garlic, and cantonese steamed red fish. Usually dining in a normal restaurant the food will not cost you a lot right? wrong again! my throat was sliced deep. The four bloody dishes costed me RM110.75, that is fucking expensive. For that kind of price i can order up to 7 dishes in a 3 star hotel restaurant, i ordered 5 dishes in Dynasty hotel for only RM80.00++ at a 3 star hotel and i paid RM110.75 at a low class restaurant, Yi Ha Hai is a rip off artist!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Where's the tooth fairy?

Today i just had my wisdom tooth removed, this time the tooth was really a nuisance. It was sort difficult to removed so the dentist had to do a minor sugery to remove the tooth, after the removal i was in serious pain!

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As you look carefully in the picture below, you can see a part of the gum is still attached with the tooth.

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The whole process burnt a whole in my wallet, so now i am totally broke for this whole month again :(

Monday, July 17, 2006

Everbody loves the wiener wagon

Last year i went to Sabah for a little vacation of my own, Sabah is a place for Seafood and other recreation activities. I went to Sabah's largest shopping complex called Centre Point, i saw a tee that caught my attention and i bought it. I thought that the design was funny, and not expecting that it really exist.

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I was visited Wendy's blog and i was really surprised to see a photo she took from the United States.

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It's the wiener wagon! it actually exist, now i am wondering who is the owner for that vehicle.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

same same?

Last thursday me, Rining and Olga went and watch Pirates of the carribean 2 "dead man's chest" Disney has done a good job this movie, there was never a dull moment during the entire show. Humour, action, romance all at the right sequence. I strongly recommend you guys to watch the movie if you have not watch it.

When the movie just started, Olga said that Ismail looked like Kiera Knightly. Rining take a few seconds to visualize and he agreed with Olga too and i have to agree with them too, Here's some pictures to see the difference.

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Now try and compare both of their features with the picture below.

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It's almost a match right? their cheek bones, their chin, and their eyes. I was trying to imagine Ismail looking a lot like Kiera Knightly and here is the result.

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p/s: i hope Ismail don't get mad at this.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bad debt

Last year all of the Miri Holiday Crew came back from Australia for their summer holidays, but knowing that Miri is such a small city with limited entertaintment and stuff. Usually we would play snooker just to kill our time, one day me and Josh went for a game snooker at our usual place. When Josh went to the counter to make the payment, the owner started a converstation with Josh.

Owner: eh mana itu kawan kamu, tinggi tinggi punya

Josh: huh? mana satu?

Owner: nehh itu tinggi tinggi punya cina punya budak yang macam pompuan

Josh: Huh macam pompuan?? (LOL)

Owner: ohh bukan bukan, they pakai baju macam pompuan

Josh: ohh itu, dia balik Melbourne sudah oh, kenapa?

Owner: ohh tidak, hari itu dia panggil mee goreng, dan belum bayar bahh (hinting Josh to pay)

Josh: ok berepa itu mee?

Owner: RM2.50, ohh dan dia ada panggil milo peng belum bayar jugak

Josh:.............(pays the owner the amount)

LOL, i can't believe our friend forgotten to pay for his noodles and drinks before he left, and the way the owner described him really cracked me up.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Would you like a TV host like this?

Usually what do you expect from an Indian TV show host? Do you expect a host like this?

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That will absolutely cannot make it right? what you need is something like this and i gurantee you that the tv ratings will sky high.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

The return of William hung wannabe

Ladies and gentlemen, our worst nightmare has finally come true. The William Hung wannabe has struck back, try and guess who is that. If anyone of you can come out with the answer, you shall be rewarded and good luck in the process.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pimpz & Pornstars

This post was suppose to by last month's post, i don't have all the free time that i want. There's a lot of functions comming up and it's going to be a busy month for me. Last month was Rining or the self proclaim founder of the ministry of stoom's birthday, this is one interesting party because of the the theme. The Theme was call Pimpz & pornstars(a dressed up party), damn kinky right? it was a sucess because people who didn't dressed up was punished and a lot people who dressed up to the party.

The party was such a success that the crew wanted to organize one in balcony, I bet Mr Ma was more than happy to let the crew organize one since he saw us dressing up in balcony.

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There was a major problem during the party, it was too hot! the air con was not powerful enough to provide cool air, so we were all sweating in there. But who cares? we all had fun that night and halloween is next, we shall all dress up again. Trust me people it's really fun!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Officially moved

Hey guys

This is my first offical post for my new blog, I have finally decided to move to blogspot since this new host have better offers than my previous host. It's going to be a really busy and boring weekend, there are lots of functions coming up for this weekend and all my peeps are in Kuching for the World Rainforest Music festival while i'm stuck here *tiew* but it's alright, i am begining to like my job, unlike my previous job which was so fucked up. more post coming up people.