Thursday, June 29, 2006

To move or not to move?

After getting some feedbacks from my readers, i am taking consideration to move to another host. I need you readers opinion that should i move or should i maintain the current host. Please leave opinions in the comments not the chatter box, opinions left in the chatter box will be ignored.

Here are the difference between my current host and the new host.

Current host
1) Limited space
2) Too much adverts
3) Too much pop-ups
4) Slow Loading time
5) Manual Archieving

New Host
1) Unlimited Space
2) Advert free
3) no pop-ups
4) Faster Loading time
5) Auto Archieving

Don't forget to give me you opinions in the comment, once everything is finalise i shall let you readers know again and your opinions are very much appreciated.


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