Saturday, June 17, 2006

A special guest in Miri

A couple of days we had a special guest in Miri, try and think who is that person. He is very well known among the bloggers, got an idea? no? well i shall let the picture tell you.

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Our special guest of the day is Kenny Sia, Kenny was on a business trip to Miri. Mamoyo brought him out, we showed him the Miri night life in Balcony. He was impressed with the Miri night life, so i told him that he should come down Miri more often and there's more to show, It was nice meeting him in person.

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We chilled at Al fresco before heading to Balcony, Renee's Spaghetti tasted like cereal! her pasta was a ripped off because it was tasteless and it's not worth RM15.00 but lucky we managed to changed it something else. So many people are comming back this month, Pris baby is back and can't wait for Kennedy to come back :) and it's party time.


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