Thursday, June 22, 2006

A part of me is gone

FUCK MAN! MY PHONE IS GONE! MY BELOVED NOKIA 3660 IS GONE! I AM SO ATTACHED TO THAT PHONE AND NOW IT'S GONE!!!!! GONE I TELL YOU!!! Enough with rant & rave, at this moment there are a lot of things to be worry. Example, how are my friends going to look for me? most importantly how are my clients going to look for me now? and how am i going to contact my friends? most the important numbers are saved in the phone memories! fuck!! and most of the important applications i used are in there too! fuck fuck fuck!!!!

I am so used to a symbian OS phone, don't mind the technogeek jargon, in case you don't understand here is the dummies guide. Symbian OS is the system that supports the phone which allows you to do a lot of cool things, a very simple example would be the computer's system is supported by window XP or Linux get it? still don't then you better call the dummies guide up or Nokia's customer's 1-800-helpme! line.

For the time being, i can be reach at 085-431133 from 9am to 5pm only or leave me a message in my chatter box, till then i hope that fucker who took my phone will crash and burn, get his ass raped by HIV infected transvestites, and then get infested with millions of mutated fleas from the Iraqi camels and lastly fuck you!

P/s: if anyone you is kind enough to lend me a phone for temporary use, i will be forever grateful to you :)

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