Sunday, May 21, 2006

Imperial Restaurant

A couple of weeks back i went to Imperial hotel's restaurant for lunch with Teng and Rining, i was a little occupied to post this up. Since i'm very free now i shall post it now.

I've went to the Imperial restaurant a couple times and i do say that the food is pretty good, just that the ala carte order for the chinese food will burn a hole in your wallet. This time i went for the western food, Rining ordered a chicken schnitzel and i ordered a lamb shank.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The chicken schnitzel is not what i really expected, Rining said it was alright. From the looks of it i think they to need to do a little bit more research on it, because it looks too plain and not really special.

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The lamb shank surpirsed me, despite the fact that i was expecting the portion would be really small and it was huge! the lamb shank was really juicy and i was having difficulty slicing the shank because it was a bit hard. In the end i was eating the lamb shank the old fashion way, the babarian style by tearing up the meat with my teeth. The overall rating i would give them is 8/10: ambience, 7/10: food , 8/10: services, 6/10: price, i do recommend you guys to drop by if you happen to be staying at Imperial Hotel.


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