Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My dearest is back

After waiting for a while, my dearest is finally back. I just can't live without you around, life without you around me is like going out without wearing a pants. Now that you're back with me, we shall start the journey again.

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It's my camera!( what were you thinking?) I'm not trying to make a fuss about my camera here, because it was a gift from my dad so that's why it means a lot to me.

Anyway since my camera is back, i have decided to review about noodles. Some of you know that i have a passion for noodles and some of you don't, now you know. Today i'm going to review two instant noodles.

Exhibit 1

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How did i actually find out this noodles? i saw the ever annoying advertisement on Hensley's satelite tv Indonesian channel, it came out every 10 minutes and it is ironic that my parents happen to bought that noodles.

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Results, it tasted like any typical indo mee that you can find here but it's pretty good, since the name of the noodles say so. Any indo mee will taste really good with an egg.

Next we have the noodles from Korea

Exhibit 2

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Results, It tasted pretty good i would say, not to mention the portion of the noodles is a lot. What makes it good is, it takes less than a minute to cook the whole thing up and it's very convinient for you if you haven't eat anything the whole day. More food reviews coming up!


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