Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm on public

It's been a few days i haven't updated my blog, one of the reasons is the internet conenction was really bad a couple of days ago. Second reason is, i was occupied at work and a little tired to blog but that still doesn't stop me from blogging anyway. Last week i was tranfered to the another branch of my company for training, the management invited the press over to publicise some stuff and i happen to be in the picture the next day on a local Chinese newspaper.

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alright, i confess! i didn't "happen" to be in it, i was asked to be in it. But I really looked so I can't read mandrin! i don't even what did they write there, maybe i'll get a translator to help me.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Instant noodles again

It's instant noodles again, today i'm going to review the item below. The item, Tomato flavour noodles.

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The results

The texture of the noodles is pretty good, it didn't really taste like tomato flavour to me, it tasted more like a spiceless tom yam soup. The noodles is only available in Brunei and not in Miri.

The only thing that is stopping me from reviewing instant noodles is i might end up losing my hair like kenny sia, but i just couldn't resist noodles, i just love them so much.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My dearest is back

After waiting for a while, my dearest is finally back. I just can't live without you around, life without you around me is like going out without wearing a pants. Now that you're back with me, we shall start the journey again.

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It's my camera!( what were you thinking?) I'm not trying to make a fuss about my camera here, because it was a gift from my dad so that's why it means a lot to me.

Anyway since my camera is back, i have decided to review about noodles. Some of you know that i have a passion for noodles and some of you don't, now you know. Today i'm going to review two instant noodles.

Exhibit 1

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How did i actually find out this noodles? i saw the ever annoying advertisement on Hensley's satelite tv Indonesian channel, it came out every 10 minutes and it is ironic that my parents happen to bought that noodles.

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Results, it tasted like any typical indo mee that you can find here but it's pretty good, since the name of the noodles say so. Any indo mee will taste really good with an egg.

Next we have the noodles from Korea

Exhibit 2

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Results, It tasted pretty good i would say, not to mention the portion of the noodles is a lot. What makes it good is, it takes less than a minute to cook the whole thing up and it's very convinient for you if you haven't eat anything the whole day. More food reviews coming up!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's a good day

First of all, i am going to resign from the unemployed club soon because i got a very good job offer already. I can start anytime soon by sending the offer letter with my signature on it and a few of my ugly mugs, and the best part this job is i don't have to become Count Dracula's apprentice. Also many thanks to Lisa, now i need to go shop for appropriate office attire. So tonight party hard and then work hard!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bad telephone manners

There are so many ways of answering the phone with the proper manner or what so ever, i encoutered a few people with really bad phone manners. When we call someone we talk politely but it happen that these assholes are real idiots i would say, here is what happen. I received a missed call from an anonyomous number, i called back.

me: hello, may i know who is this?

anonymous girl: WHO ARE U AH?(in Mandrin)

me: well i received a call from this no, so i'm wondering who's this(in mandrin)

anonymous girl: WHY U CALLED HAH!!!? U LOOK FOR WHO HAH!!?


anonymous girl: ok ok veli soli wrong no

What the fuck man! you simply call people and you're trying to be rude? that is one of my reasons that i do not like unknown numbers missed calls. Second encounter with a person with seriously deffected hearing problem and who obviously can't understand english well.

me: hello?

unknown: hello is this xxxxx travel agency?

me: no, this is residential area.

unknown: but isn't this no 42xxxx

me: yes, but it is the wrong no, i think the travel agency you're looking for is at Dynasty hotel

unknown: but they gave me this no,

me:(very very annoyed) look i told you got the wrong no ok? u call the hotel and ask for the no. *slams the phone*

If i wasn't sleeping and if that bugger did not call at the wrong i wouldn't be pissed off, the bugger called again for a few times and i did not bother to pick the phone up. That's why i prefer calls to my handphone so that i can see the number and whether to pick it up or not, or better yet i should get a caller ID phone if i can.