Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 already?

It's 2006 already? i believe so. Everything just happen so fast, i still feel like i'm in 2005 since the good and bad times all occured last year. hardsequence, Shuffle events, Phat pants, was all good. But then i've used up the money that i could have saved up for a good vacation in Australia, not to mention i got into a couple of shits last year(shits that costed me half of my salary) It's 2006 already, time to leave what has happen at the back and move on and start a new year with new motives and objectives.

New objectives such as cleaning up my room before Chinese new year, leave the shit hole A.S.A.P, this time i really want to save the money for a real good vacation and not to forget to kick stoom's ass hard on dota :)

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