Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gong xi Fa chai

Firstly "Gong xi fa chai" to you guys out there, i had a great time celebrating Chinese new year at my grandparents' place in Limbang with lots of wonderful home cook food for the reunion dinner, not to mention the nasty hangover from the red wine. I was about to take pictures of the food for my blog and guess what happen? my camera was busted! i check the battery, the power and the screen was just blank all the time, i try taking pictures at bright places but still all the pictures turn out to be dark.

This year is a no photos Chinese new year for me, I'll need to send it to the shop and check what is the problem and hoping that it is just a minor problem and it can be fix, my worst nightmare will be hearing the shop keeper saying that my camera is in catastrophic condition and needs no repair but to be replaced by a new one. Anyway hope you guys are having a good time out there.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Curry rice

Today i'm going to introduce Miri's super famous curry rice, i'm not sure does every Mirian knows about it but i'm sure most them do. The rice is from the open air market, it's so famous that you have to be there early otherwise you won't get to eat it, now that's good food.

The stall owners have been operating their business for quite sometimes already, since i was in primary school i think. Their rice consist of three items, steam chicken, Char siew and "san chan rou"(the part of the pork used to make bacon) and two of their signature sauce the curry sauce and the soy sauce.

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The appearance may not be that nice but do not let the appearance of the rice fool you, because if you haven't try it, you wouldn't know that it is just that good.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My fcuk is fcuked!

When my dad called, he asked me to keep all the laundries inside because the it was going rain anytime. I just did what he told me to, when i was putting all the laundries in the basket, i saw my fcuk shirt there and saw something very unpleasant to the eye on it.

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There's a freaking hole in my shirt! it's not like i'm making such a big fuss out a small hole in the shirt, i'm making a big fuss out of it because the shirt burnt a hole in my wallet and that's the reason why. If it's some cheap t-shirt i would not give a damn about it, but it's fcuk and it's expensive wei! The hole will eventually get bigger if i don't do something about it, i don't even know the cause of it.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's official

Last two nights was my final day at work, at last the moment that i have been waiting for has finally arrived. It's official i'm going to be joining the unemployed club, in other countries they pay the unemployed and it is never going to happen here and you can dream about it to happen. The only regret that i had when i was working was i didn't asked the cute girl out on a date, *damn!* i should done it when i was there, I guess better luck some where else then.

It's such a relief for me since i don't have work graveyard shift anymore. I will be enrolling in the unemployed club, then party hard and celebrate Chinese New year, then going for a new job hunt(if i get lucky)and this is my present for them after threating me like a dog for a year.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Betrayal

How does it feel when you have know someone for quite sometimes already, it happen that someone is not even a real friend. What if that someone happens to be a backstabber and a pretender in front of you, what if that someone who happens to be someone you trusted and destroys your reputation?

That someone is always pretending to be interested in things, pretending to be nice, and offers to help? bollocks! i would say it is all a lie! i couldn't believe that a friend that we met for quite sometimes, will betray me and not only that and backstabs me? such a wonderful friend i have, as my appreciation as a "so called" friend to you, i have this lovely picture dedicated for you.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 already?

It's 2006 already? i believe so. Everything just happen so fast, i still feel like i'm in 2005 since the good and bad times all occured last year. hardsequence, Shuffle events, Phat pants, was all good. But then i've used up the money that i could have saved up for a good vacation in Australia, not to mention i got into a couple of shits last year(shits that costed me half of my salary) It's 2006 already, time to leave what has happen at the back and move on and start a new year with new motives and objectives.

New objectives such as cleaning up my room before Chinese new year, leave the shit hole A.S.A.P, this time i really want to save the money for a real good vacation and not to forget to kick stoom's ass hard on dota :)

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