Friday, December 30, 2005

Names again

Disclaimer: Please read this first, this entry post no threat in insulting the person, offending someone in particular and contains no offensive words.

Today at work was really boring, since there wasn't much people checking in. I came across another person with a really unique name again, this is the part of my job that i like most, i get to see all sorts of things that people don't see everyday. So i just went and disturb my colleague after checking in the guest.

Me: Eh steve, next time you check in this person ah make sure you don't make him angry u know

Steve: why? what's wrong? what did we do to make him angry?

Me: you must give him exclusive service you know? and very special treatment if not ahh ..
Steve: if not what?
then i showed him the name of the person.

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So next time we must make sure we treat him right, if not somebody's going to be very angry :)
Steve: if not what?


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