Friday, December 30, 2005

Names again

Disclaimer: Please read this first, this entry post no threat in insulting the person, offending someone in particular and contains no offensive words.

Today at work was really boring, since there wasn't much people checking in. I came across another person with a really unique name again, this is the part of my job that i like most, i get to see all sorts of things that people don't see everyday. So i just went and disturb my colleague after checking in the guest.

Me: Eh steve, next time you check in this person ah make sure you don't make him angry u know

Steve: why? what's wrong? what did we do to make him angry?

Me: you must give him exclusive service you know? and very special treatment if not ahh ..
Steve: if not what?
then i showed him the name of the person.

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So next time we must make sure we treat him right, if not somebody's going to be very angry :)
Steve: if not what?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Lazy or procastinator?

I haven't been blogging much since i started working, either that i am becoming lazy or i am just procastinating. In a few days time it's going to be 2006, i think i should be happy that i am going leave that bloody place for good since nobody appreciates the shit that people have done for them, so FUCK YOU!

Normally blogs like xanga or blogspot will automatically archieve the entries after every end of the month, but my blog does not. I wanted to use Moveble type but noooooooooooooooooooo, tripod do not support that. I need a new server or a domain that supports moveble type, so i don't have to archieve my entries all the time.

Since new years is around the corner, i think i should make a new resolution. The resolution is i need to be more tidy and clean my room more often, i'm a lazy ass that hardly clean my room, don't believe me? look at my room then(even the jackass complains about it).

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lamp Shadow Beef

I got this small packet from my colleagues, they told me that our boss got it from KL. My first impression was that, were they selling edible hair to people? i take closer look at the packaging, it was actually some chinese made beef. The looks of the beef is not that pleasing, however the history of the product was rather interesting. It started when a Chinese guy was trying to sell cooked beef and business did not turn out good for him, during the night he was sitting in his room with an oil lamp and thinking of a way to improve the sales of his products, he added vinegar to the beef and it became a success after that and the product is call Lamp shadow beef.

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When few of my colleagues took a bite, they all complained that it was horrible. I was a little discourage to try it, despite all the complains i still insist to try it myself and i have to say they all have bad taste of food. The beef was actually very nice, it tasted like beef jerky. Just that it's an Asian version of the Western one, the beef doesn't look appealing but it's really good. Too bad i can't get them here, if not it'll be a good snack for TV sessions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

House warming

Last week Ing hui hosted a house warming gathering for us, further more she wanted me to cook for the house warming. I was quite blur and completely have no idea what to cook for them to eat, at last we all settled on what we are going to eat.

We had so much food to eat, Rining insisted that we give the bones of the lamb for his beloved dog and guess what? he comepltely forgotten all about the bones and just left the house. Maybe Ing Hui is keeping the bones for him in the freezer.

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When we were preparing the food at the kitchen, something caught my attention. It was a door leaning on the coconut tree with a bicycle there, and i'm still wondering what are those three things doing there.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Our deepest condolence

When i got a missed call from Rining, i thought it was the usual drinking session wasn't.

Rin: hey man

Me: yeah, sup?

Rin: Josh's sis and a few more got into an accident, and three of them passed away

Me: you're joking right?

Rin: no man, i'm not joking!

Me: ...............

I was in shock for a moment, even until now i'm still quite shock over the incident. Just recently there was also a car accident, it occured in Miri with two fatalities about a few days before this. Even though i don't really know Hannah so well, i just knew her from Josh. I just want to express my deepest condolence to Josh and his families, take care bro, she will always be in your heart.