Friday, November 11, 2005

Damn u tripod!

Blasted tripod! i couldn't even login into to update and archives my entries, since i'm in now so i might as well update now. I'm actually looking for a new host for my blog so that i can use moveble type and it would so much easier for me, anyone want to host me?

Since i haven't been in the kitchen for quite a while, i decided to try out something new. I present to you tuna fish with coconut sauce.

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Note to myself, I cooked the fish too long until it loses the texture, added too much salt which spoilt the taste with the sauce, made the sauce too thicked. My next attempt will be on prawns or crustaceans.

No doubt that i love to cook but there's one thing i hate most about cooking is that you require a lot utinsels and there is a lot washing to do and i totally hate to do the dishes!

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