Sunday, October 09, 2005

Desperate bargaining?

When i was at KL last two months, my friend called me up to meet in Petaling street. As most of you know the infamous street is a place where you can bargain for a really good deal on some stuffs, example like shoes, merchandise and more. When i got off the taxi at Petaling street, i was going around to meet up with my friend and i walked pass a stall selling shoes and i over heard the conversation between the Arab guy and the seller, it goes like this.

Arab guy: Can u give me cheaper price or not??

Chinese guy: aiyah sir, veli cheap oledi!

Arab guy: no no, i don't want, it's no good price

Chinese guy: sir, 60 linggit veli cheap oledi, u cannot get this price oledi ohh , can lah boss

Arab guy: hmmmm...... can you reduce price or not?

Chinese guy: ok lah boss, i give u 50, veli low oledi sir, wan or not? veli good price ohh

Arab guy: (stll thinking) hmmm .... RM50 ?? hmmm i don't know..

Chinese guy: ok lah sir like this lah, i give u this price lah, so you happy, i happy, so we also happy lohh right??

WTF? the guy was seriously desperate to sell the shoes man hehe.


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