Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bad connection

Now and days at most of the establishment around town, they provide wireless conenction for free. Sometimes the wireless have problems connecting either the people doesn't know how to use wireless, At my work place they provide free hotspot and wi - fi connection and most of the time i get people complaining to me that they can't connect to the internet and bla bla bla.

Few of the main reasons that they can't connect is either that they went change the default set up or TM is fucked. One day me and my colleague were talking about it and suddenly my colleague asked me

Roger: you know why people cannot connect wi-fi here or not?

Me: because the TM is fucked and they don't know how to use?

Roger: no, you go to the modem and have a look.

I went over to the modem and saw this.

Image hosted by

Me: no wonder they can't connect LOL

Roger: hahahaha


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