Saturday, July 02, 2005


Usually before bed time i would go to my brother's to turn the air condition switch on, because the air condition place in between my bro's and my room, just as i gofor the usual routine to press the green button to turn the the air con on, there was a loud buzz and flames coming out from the top ceiling.

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quickly ran out of the room to avoid getting shock or getting burn by that thingy, the first thing comes to your mind is that you are safe right? but the first thing that came to my mind was " CIBAI!!! TONIGHT NO AIR CON TO SLEEP, SO FUCKING HOT!!!"

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So i thought i had to wait until the electrician comes tomorrow to fixed the wiring, but who needs electrician when you have a dad who can whoop something up in a jiffy. After my dad has did little repair to the wiring, i am glad to have the air con so that i can continue my sleep, *thanks dad* now off i go to sleep.


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