Sunday, July 17, 2005

A darn good off day

Usually my offday is like no offday at all, because of the time that i end my shift during the day and start work during the night. I just don't know why today i was feeling very annoyed when my parents woke up me to go for Victor and Ronny's wedding, and when they called during the Miss Tourism show at the Indoor stadium(will post about Miss Tourism on my next post, too darn tired to post now)

It's been ages already since i have step foot into my old church, i felt a little akward during the wedding. I have no idea why, but i just felt like that, maybe is because i haven't go to church for quite sometimes already(i'm such a bad boy) have to try and keep in touch with God more often. The wedding was pretty simple and good, even though i wanted to go for the dinner hehe, once again congratulations to Victor and Ronny. Who is now officially known as MR and MRS Kong.

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