Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Star cineplex sucks!

After all the waiting i finally got the chance to watch Star wars episode III revenge of the sith, i was expecting to have a good time in the cinema to enjoy the moive. Even though the movie is just so good, but i didn't quite enjoy it, why? no thanks to the bloody cineplex.

They just had to fucked up the sound systems especially during the best part of the movies, after they something to it. The problem still occurs, as if that wasn't bad enough? nooooooooooooooo the star cineplex 1 has no air con! it made you feel like you are watching in a cheap old cow boy cinema, that wasn't bad enough? noooooooooooooooooooooooo some people just had to bring their children to watch starwars, not those children who understands about starwars, those pathetic little kids who do not have a bloody idea what is starwars all about and all they do is whine all the way until the movie ends, just dump your kids somewhere and watch it alone! ok? it's really anonying with those two problems and plus listening to your kid whining? that is just so wrong.

I suggest that cineplex better do something about it or else go close shop and we will buy more pirated DVDs which is ten times better than your lousy shit, CINEPLEX SUCKS!


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