Friday, May 20, 2005

Miri a city already?

Miri a city already? yes indeed, Miri has finally been declared as a resort city arleady. It may not have all the sky scrappers, stupendous shopping malls and all that, hopefully by time comes Miri will have the "Ganas" stuff here hehe.

It's a great day for Miri people but not exactly a great day day for me, why you may ask? well here's the reason why. Because i didn't get to go watch the celebration of the declaration of Miri been a city, I didn't get to go send my good ol' homie off to KL, and last but not least I DID NOT FUCKING GET TO GO THE PREMIER OF THE STAR WARS EPISODE III REVENGE OF THE SITH!!!! i guess i'll just have to catch on my off day.

I can't believe that my homie just left like that! it was all a sudden, too soon to throw him a farewell party, too soon to have a good dinner together or better yet too soon to party hard together, all is too soon! what else can i say? who was the one who pick me up when i needed a ride? who was the one who belanja me makan when i was bloody broke? who was the one who came and look for me when i was in need of company? who was the one who would love my cooking? who was the one who introduced me to Yoji biomehanika? who was that person who would help me download songs for me? who was that one fellow? it is sly! he's my fucking homie! and my bloody good friend.


I may have been an asshole or a bastard to you, so please accept my apologies for that. When you come back for hols, the flaming b-52s will be waiting for you :)


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