Saturday, April 02, 2005

Crepes not crabs!

There is this newly open shop called Timez Crepes, own by a Malaysian who's wife is a Japanese. Each time i asked my peepz and tell them that I want to try the crepes over there, 7 out of 10 will think straight away that me and Rin are going for some "Crabs" 0_0??

Talk about that, it reminded me of the time when i was at One Utama with my friend, searching the whole of One Utama just for Crepes express and in the end it took us more than 40 minutes to find it.



I went there and ordered one Kiwi crepe with vanila and it's really great! Not the mention the service is really good and friendly too. Just go to boulevard shopping complex at 2nd floor next to a computer stall and try it :) I wonder what will it taste like if they really sell crabs with ice cream on it. *hmmm*


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