Thursday, March 03, 2005


Had to wake up from my wonderful sleep just to attend the training at my work place *HUAARGGGH* ME NO HAPPY, YOU NO DISTURB ME SLEEP, ME LIKE SLEEP, ME ANGRY YOU WAKE UP!!! *MUAHHHH* i think i went over the sarcastic meter already. I think i have a serious addiction of going out too much and unable to put my ass at home, i am also running out space for this stupid host of mine. Anyone interested to host me? or maybe i can go for that thingy? I like it hard I love hard! The harder it gets the more i like! Harder than the ordinary :) The Harder it is, the better it gets >:) , any idea what am i talking about? no? go figure it out and i can tellu it's not what you're thinking *gotcha!*


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