Tuesday, March 01, 2005


It's march already in a blink of an eye, time really goes so fast until we realize it. My left ear still hurts, since i wanted to make the hole a little bigger just to fit the damn fucking expensive earing which cost me RM35. KL is having so many cool events, which made me envy them a lot. If only i can go attend the rave at genting and glow, to bad work comes first.

Talk about work, last night something really stupid happen to me Usually after we finish our shift as cashier, we will count the money to make sure everything is corret. When i counted the money, it was short of RM148. So i panic and start counting the money over and over again but still can get the right amount, even after my colleague counted for me. I was really upset that i had to pay RM148, since that's really a lot of money.

I just proceed on to do my report and suddenly i spotted on report that i haven't posted that up in the systems, after doing that i get the correct balance and it was such a huge relief for me that i don't have to pay RM148.


So what did i learn from this? always double check my work before doing anything, i'm such a "Soh Hai"


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